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NuSurance with the Help of Build-A-Bear® Workshop Gives Smiles to Boys and Girls from The Boys and Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay for the Sixth year

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NuSurance Corporation, insurance agencies for today’s world, who specializes in Florida Business Insurance, and Build-A-Bear® Workshop delivers smiles and bears to 20 children from The Boys and Girls Clubs of Tampa!

making the bears…..

Tampa FL December 31, 2013


It was smiles and fun for some 20 children from the Boys and Girls Clubs of Tampa Bay as Nusurance Corp invited them to “experience” making their own bear. Christopher Kazor, CEO of NuSurance Corp said “it is the excitement of creating, stuffing, naming and adopting your furry friend. Whether you are eight or eighty and you have never had the experience, you need to.”

Next the children waited in line to have the bear stuffed to that exact huggable firmness, which of course they tested for each of their bears so it was “just right.” Then they give each of their bears a personality by selecting costumes; there were football outfits, formal wear and pink and blue princess dresses. The children actually became stylists and fashion designers.

The best part of the event was the last – the adoption ceremony – very special and momentous for little ones as the children get to not only officially name their fuzzy charges, but also adopt them to take home. The most solemn part of the ceremony was the pledge each child gave to care for and love their special bears.

The event has become an annual affair held at the Build a Bear ® Workshop at the Westfield Mall in Brandon, Florida.

David Armstrong, Unit Director at the Boys and Girls Club in Brandon FL said, “The kids came back to the Club Friday very excited and cheerful. You would have thought it was Christmas morning and they all just got exactly what they wanted from Santa.”



“We are extremely happy to sponsor this event and we want to thank the companies we represent as well as our Insureds.” NuSurance plans to expand this annual event to every city where NuSurance has an agent.

For more information contact CP Kazor atNuSurance.com – Phone 813 514 6982

“We love sponsoring these parties for the Boys and Girls Clubs.  This is our 8th party in six years and it is as fun for us as it is for the children.”  After the children select their “bear skin” each child then waited with bated breath for the “Heart ceremony”; each select a small heart then recite; “Rub the heart to warm it, place it on your back so your bear always has your back, place it on your knee so it’s never needy then kiss the heart  for luck and into the bear it goes.” The choosing of the heart for the bear is very important because the children select it to define what their bear is all about. The heart of course is the life of the bear

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