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Health Care Reform Questions !

Health Care Reform Questions !

Q.  What is a Health Insurance Exchange?

A. There will be PUBLIC Exchanges and PRIVATE Exchanges. The PUBLIC Exchanges will be run by either the State Government, The State and Federal “Cooperative” Partnership, or Federal Government. PRIVATE Exchanges are / will be portals to insurance agents or agencies.

Q. What is the difference between the two?

A. Based on an individuals personal situation they may be eligible for some premium relief in the way of subsidies. You will be able to apply for those subsidies ONLY THROUGH A PUBLIC EXCHANGE.

Q.Will I be able to purchase the insurance between the exchanges?

A. Yes, if you are entitles to subsidies you will purchase through a PUBLIC EXCHANGE, otherwise you may use a PRIVATE EXCHANGE?

Q. If I do not qualify for subsidies can I use either exchange?

A. Yes.

Q. Then why should I use a PRIVATE EXCHANGE?

A. There will be a wider variety of plans and price selections on the PRIVATE EXCHANGES.

Q. What is a navigator ?

A. Navigators will be employed by or contracted by the PUBLIC EXCHANGES. Their duties primarily will be to help individuals access their qualifications for premium subsidies and explain the process.

Q.What will agents do.

A. Explain coverages for individual and families and suggest which products for the needs of the insureds.

If you have a questions ask it here  :

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Are you confused about Health Care in 2014?
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