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Auto Insurance

Auto insurance policies contain a number of different coverages


There are FOUR major parts of an Auto policy (Some state may have additional sections).

Part A. Liability – (Required in MOST TORT STATES)

This coverage is going provide you with defense and Liability Limits, which you select, that will be paid to the injured party should you be the one responsible for the accident.

Part B. Medical Payments – (Optional in MOST STATES)

This coverage is going that pays expenses incurred for necessary medical and funeral services to YOU, the Insured and those in YOUR auto injured in the accident. Payments are without regard to fault.

Part C. Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist – (Optional in MOST STATES)

This is a strange coverage. Most states apply this coverage to only your Bodily Injury and is going to pay YOU and anyone driving in YOUR car if you are NOT AT FAULT and the person who is AT FAULT has little or NO INSURANCE.

Part D. Damage to YOUR Car – (Mandatory if you have a Lien holder or Bank Loan)

This coverage will cover damage to your car. There are two options for this coverage: collision and comprehensive.

Collision Coverage will pay if your car is upset or impact with another object.

Comprehensive will cover loss not caused directly by impact with another object in a collision. Some example of items covered by comprehensive insurance include:

  • Theft
  • Falling objects
  • Fires or Explosions
  • Larceny
  • Earthquakes
  • Windstorma, hail, water or flood
  • Vandalism, riot or civil commotion
  • Contact with bird or animal
  • Breakage of glass

Family Auto Policies | Personal Auto Policies

There are some differences between states but generally the Family Auto Policy (FAP) or The Personal Auto Policy (PAP) offers broad coverage specifically geared for the private family exposure.

Who can have a FAP or PAP vary from company to company but usually the Personal or Family Policy is designed for only to an individual, or related persons, or unrelated persons who reside together. The FAP or PAP offers coverage only for private passenger autos, pickups or vans with a Gross Vehicle Weight of less than 10,000 pounds.

Deliver or transport goods or materials is prohibited and should there be a claim while say delivering pizza for a fee the claim would be denied. That type of exposure should be covered under a business or commercial policy.

The PAP or FAP does make exceptions for incidental use to the insured’s business of furniture or equipment installation, maintenance or repair, or for farming or ranching and it is expectable to use your “Personal” auto for business use such as Real Estate, Insurance Agents, Sales persons as long as they do not deliver the products or persons for a fee

Corporation, partnership or other combination of interests must be issued a Commercial or Business Auto Policy regardless of the use. For example should a “Private Passenger Auto” which is used to drive only to the office but registered in the Corporate Name, the policy must be written on a Business Auto Policy.

For More specific information please choose one of the products below:

The above list of links refers to personal auto insurance policies. To learn more about commercial insurance or get a commercial quote, click here.